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I'm so glad we’ve found each other, you are probably tired of searching the internet trying to find some help. You know Copy is the King  but unfortunately what type of copy you need, what the difference between copy and content is, how to write good copy, what brand messaging is etc. have all gone over your head, in one ear and out of the other and you're exhausted at the thought. You’re ready to hand the baton over and get back to the things you enjoy like freedom.


You are currently here:

·       You don’t enjoy writing

·       You can’t get the ideas in your head to make sense on a page

·       You don’t have enough hours in your day

·       Your current copy isn’t converting


Don’t worry I’ve got you


Let me introduce myself…

Brand Messaging
Content Creation



I’m Jess,


Nice to digitally meet you! Throughout my career I have worked with words in various capacities, they're kinda my thing. From writing creatively to constructing academic projects or crowd funding pitches. I love the power of words and the way they can be used to help people. My mantra is we use words to build not to break.


After being in education for nearly 2 decades I felt like my creativity needed a new challenge; so I returned to my first love, my pen. I decided to take the leap and begin working with clients who were on a mission to serve others and to use their creativity in all different mediums.  I wanted the option to be more creative and to work with people who had more to give than they wanted to take.


And that is what I am here to do for you, to give. I have been a freelance copywriter for the last 5 years and honed my skills working specifically for online businesses. What was most apparent to me was that copy is King, hence the name of my company but alongside that branding is the Queen.


New companies are especially reliant on brand messaging as it is super important for them to build customers trust and  loyalty and that means being consistent in every space they can be found in, This is where I found my passion. I absolutely love listening to the purpose that drives creatives and coaches to do what they do and building that into a brand message that helps them to be easily found by potential clients.


That same brand message is going to echo through social media, website, Ads, etc and that is where I excel in keeping the message consistent while finding ingenious ways to keep it creative and engaging, When you set up a business online or otherwise, you want to convert your browsers into buyers and brand messaging is the way to do that!


Allow my pen to go to work for you…

About Me



Innovative Website Copy

Get effective, strategic website copy that converts browsers into buyers.
White office
Get an authentic, inspired brand message that has your core values at its heart. 
Mobile Phone
Get clear on creating engaging social media content that keeps your clients coming back.

Bold Brand Messaging

Social Media Consultation



"Jess helped me so much with the copy for my brand. She has allowed me to be able to tell my brand’s story in a unique and attention grabbing way.
The quality of her writing is impeccable & her customer service is second to none. I couldn’t dream of a better service and will definitely be going back to her."

Kia Commodore 
CEO @Pennies2Pounds & Bleuprint Agency


"I love working with Jess. She’s super professional & brilliant at what she does. She has a real gift with words & knows exactly how to turn something drab & boring into something compelling. She is my go to person when it comes to anything to do with words. She's really helped me to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that my audience love.
If you’re looking for a copywriter to help you then don’t hesitate to reach out to her. I would recommend her to anyone - she’s amazing!"

Natalie Brown
CEO @TimeWithNatalie & B3Women'sHomes


"As a community leader I was lost until I found Jess, who was able to lovingly craft my story and ideas into a website I am beyond proud of.


Her ability to understand, digest and extrapolate my ideas and put them down on paper has been astounding!


Jess was a pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is looking for copy services. I can't wait to work with you again in the future."


Helen Cope
CEO @Phunchkins


From the moment Copy Is The King took over my copy I started to see results! If like me, you do not enjoy writing copy then you will be in the right hands.

Jess is so creative, professional and efficient that she will be a true asset to your business. She took my requirements & really understood my needs to be able to deliver in way which still sounded like my voice.


Jess really does use her pen to create your voice! A complete natural!

Emma Thompson

CEO @EmergyEmpires


"Jess has been an asset to many of my business projects over the years. Her professionalism & writing skill are always outstanding. I am consistently pleased with her high quality of work as she pays attention to the details. A true perfectionist. 

I highly recommend Jess for anyone who has a business & wants to take it to the next level."

Natel Black
CEO @Natel'sNutrition





Thanks for taking a look around. I hope you found what you needed, if not and there is anything else I can help you with please get in touch.

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